The Body Matrix® Transformational 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training

What is BODY MATRIX® Transformational Yoga?

Body Matrix® Flow Yoga is an intelligent fusion of yoga and functional strength utilizing cutting edge principles with creative sequencing that activates the core from the inside out. Each class incorporates a mix of postures, PNF stretching, functional fitness and myo-fascial release to create optimal strength, balance, flexibility and deep healing.

Learn how our posture and muscular imbalances create chronic tension and pain in the body through deep exploration of the root of the imbalance, the deep core and how we unwind the fascia. Realign the body via strengthening the muscles that are over stretched and stretching the muscles that are overworked allowing the body to return to homeostasis and optimal balance in this cutting- edge style of yoga.


  • Understand and learn how to apply cutting edge anatomy to create safe, effective, core focused classes.
  • Experience and learn how to incorporate Yoga Nidra, YIN yoga, PNF stretching and myo-fascial release into your classes and your everyday life.
  • Learn effective practices for mood management including anxiety and depression.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of creative sequencing, hands on assists and use of transformational teaching language.


  • Will provide you with a strong foundation in cutting edge anatomy and injury prevention.
  • Explore yoga philosophy in a personal, in-depth format under the guidance of expert teachers.
  • Learn and experience a variety of pranayama and meditation techniques from a variety of traditions.
  • Experience a 21 day mind/body cleanse – whole food based with group support and supervision.
  • Learn an effective business, branding and marketing approach to running a successful and lucrative yoga business.

This unique teacher training is your opportunity to join a community of like minded people who are ready to move deeper into themselves and into their own power. This is a process of total immersion and transformation for those who want to teach, deepen their practice and transform their life.


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Victoria Haffer 200/500 RYT
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Tuition price is $3777

Early bird price $3444
if paid in full by Aug 31, 2017
Payment plans are available if approved

Dates are mandatory
Oct 13,14,15
Nov 10,11,12
Dec 15,16,17
Jan 12,13,14 2018
Feb 9,10,11
Mar 9,10,11

Victoria Haffer

Victoria holds a M.S. in Exercise Physiology with over 30 years as an International Wellness Speaker,  Coach, Chronic Pain Specialist, Anatomy Teacher, Reiki Master and Trainer to the Yoga teacher. With over 20 years of intense study in the yoga world, including certifications in Kripalu, Kundalini, Yin, Vinyasa and Vini yoga. She has inspired and educated thousands of students and wellness professionals around the world.

Victoria is the creator of the Body Matrix® Transformationial 200/500 hour Yoga Training a cutting edge, science based Yoga that fuses yoga, functional fitness and myofascial release via ball rolling, addressing common postural imbalances while bringing balance to all systems of the body. For more info:


This training is designed for anyone interested in becoming a yoga teacher or those interested in deepening their own personal practice.

Over the course of the training, you will learn proper alignment in the basic yoga postures, the risks and benefits of each pose, along with the contraindications and modifications so that you are prepared to share your knowledge in a safe way as a yoga teacher. Another important part of this training is learning how to communicate effectively with your students, so part of the training will be dedicated to learning how to cue students in a clear, precise manner to promote greater safety, ease and stability in the practice of yoga.

Each day begins and ends with a yoga practice, so it is recommended that you have at least 6 months of a steady yoga practice. You will spend many hours creating and leading your fellow classmates through mock classes to reinforce what you are learning. Throughout the program you will be exposed to many different styles of yoga, but the primary teachings will be from the lineage of Pantanjali’s Eight Fold Path, incorporating studies in yoga’s ethical practice of the Yamas and Niyamas, Asana, Pranayama and Meditation, class sequencing, and anatomy and physiology.

Attendance is mandatory and there will be a required reading list and a paper that you will need to write during the training. You must have at least 6 months yoga experience to be considered for the program.

I often think of our wonderful yoga training. I had previously done some yoga on my own, but never experienced the joy and power like I did with Body Matrix transformational yoga. Your training was everything one could ask for. You are an incredible teacher. The physical aspect of our class was second to none. The spiritual and emotional power that I received was amazing. I was going through a difficult time in my life and you taught me to love and appreciate myself. You taught me to accept, to love, to forgive. You made us all feel that your words were for us alone as you spoke to the class. I have been to many other yoga classes (even at Kripalu) and I have yet to find a class that could hold a candle to any one of yours. I am happy, perhaps the happiest I have ever been in my life, and it is partly due to you. Thank you. As a teacher myself, I know a great teacher when I see one. You inspired me and that is what teaching is all about. I am forever grateful.

ClareYoga Student

I would express my classes with Victoria as inspiring and empowering. As a person, with a disability, MS, you helped and allowed me, to get into poses I never thought would be possible for me due to my limitations. You also made me forget I had limitations through your encouraging words, etc. You always had a smile on your face and a light and love about you. I always enjoyed attending your classes and being challenged to see what more I could do, not what I could not do because of my MS.

MaryYoga Student

Victoria made yoga fun, not super serious all the time. I learned so many things from her but mostly that we are all learning at our own pace, we are all a work in progress and that you should take your practice seriously but not so much yourself!

LauraYoga Student

I am so grateful that I met Victoria and took the leap to follow my dreams of becoming a yoga teacher. Victoria is a beautiful soul and I so appreciate the energy and the love she shared with us each and every time she entered the room. Victoria made us feel safe from day one and created a space where we could be truly ourselves. This journey has given me so much more than just being able to teach a kick ass yoga class. It has transformed the way I think, the way I approach all things in my life including my relationship with myself and with others and it has literally transformed my life. You are Amazeballs Victoria. With much gratitude and love,

MichelleYoga Student

You have changed the way I do yoga, adding laughter and fun but also I've progressed so much in my form and strength. Your laugh, smile and cheerful disposition will be hard (maybe impossible) to replace. I will miss you!

RandiYoga Student

"That class was the class I have been searching for that I never thought I'd find. Victoria, you have deeply inspired me!! I walked into your class 11 years ago and haven't left my mat since. Although I haven't seen you in awhile, your inspiration stays with me.

LisaYoga Student

Everything I've learned from you has helped me tremendously and your words are in my head every day as a reminder! I am so thankful for them.

EmmaYoga Student

I’m great thanks to you:) I shudder to think where I'd be without yoga and I never would have stuck with it in the beginning without finding a wise, fun and challenging teacher like you!

HeatherYoga Student

As a teacher and occupational therapist, I am so grateful for Victoria’s wisdom and knowledge that I received from the Body Matrix Transformational teacher training. It inspired me to be a more present yoga teacher and therapist to those I serve!... My AHA quote from Victoria “All Transformation happens in the present moment!”
Victoria is extremely knowledgeable in structural anatomy in addition to be fun and interesting – she makes the Anatomy and Kinesiology easy to understand.... The Intro to Body Matrix workshop was a fantastic, engaging, interesting training that I will use in the future in my practice and in my teaching again and again....Victoria opened my eyes to some subtle and not so subtle issues I have encountered in many traditional Vinyasa classes that haven’t been serving me, that I have let go of since the training.

Various StudentsHealthy & Happy

Victoria seems to have a special aura about her. She outwardly expresses confidence, calmness, intelligence and a sense of purpose. I would say her core message is to be at peace with oneself by taking care of your physical and mental well being. And yes, I was inspired. Some of the poses that I was capable of doing in Victoria’s class exceeded my expectations. I never thought I would be able to do crow pose or do as many pushups as I did in her training. Her encouragement certainly helped me master that. I realized I am strong in many ways.

MelissaYoga Student



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